A Delicious Family Favorite Hamburger And Potato Casserole

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Delicious Hamburger And Potato Casserole


Would you believe that it didn't take much to put ALL this together.  Hopefully you have got all your ingredients ready?

Our kids really loved this recipe, it was instant hit, and of course they really enjoyed the flavors of this hamburger stye casserole.This is just like a recipe that my Grandmother used to keep me and my brothers well fed! It is very kid friendly, and adults like it too!

Overall it is a relatively inexpensive meal to make too, and a gem of a recipe!This recipe is definitely a keeper and one that you will want to try out at some stage.

A big thank you to Nici at posedperfection for such wonderful memories, and an awesome hamburger style casserole recipe. We all loved it!

Make sure to use some Aluminum foil for this dish as it can keep food moist, and also help to cook it evenly. Plus it makes the clean-up easier.


Here Are The Instructions

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease an 11 x 7 (2 quart) glass baking dish. In medium skillet, cook the onions and ground beef until done. Drain the grease. In a medium bowl, mix together the milk, soup, salt and pepper. Layer half of the potatoes, soup, cheese and then the hamburger meat. Repeat with the rest of the potatoes, soup, hamburger meat and then the cheese. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until the potatoes are tender.


And that's it done,

Your hamburger and potato casserole is ready! If your onions are too potent…saute them before browning the hamburger…we also added some garlic, onion powder…extra cheese!  Either way, this comes out super tasty!

Just make sure to send us a photo or two, or a comment below on how much you loved it! (we hope?!)  


Check out the original source for this recipe with all the directions as well as step-by-step photographs and helpful tips atposedperfection

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  1. Yummm… I will be adding sour cream to this as well as more seasonings such as granulated garlic and Thyme, as well as a can of sliced mushrooms, drained of course! Thank you for sharing thia recipe! 🙂

  2. This sound wonderful. I will be making it for dinner tonight. Thank you to Jane also for her choice of additions. Together this sounds incredible. Thank you for the recipe.

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