Gorgeous Lemon Brownie Bites

Gorgeous Lemon Brownie Bites


Gorgeous Lemon Brownie Bites

These Gorgeous Lemon Brownie Bites are terrific.
We made them last week for the first ever time! It was a success, I have to say, certainly in terms of the compliments we got back in the kitchen….which kind of helps….doesn't it?  So, yes they were a big hit in our household. 
The bars has a soft and chewy texture, and there are lots of delicious sweet lemony and tart flavors coming out of these bars. It's so yummy!
I really loved the glaze on top. It's a very thin, and light layer of sweet, lemony glaze .We ended up doubling the glaze recipe (because we are big fans of anything citrusy) and we got a double taste, but just make sure the glaze doesn't overpower you.
We loved these bars, it's a super yummy recipe, and a definite keeper….

These bars are delicious at room temperature but try them chilled and you may never go back.


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