Here’s A Tasty Chile Rellenos Dish Made Easy

Here's A Tasty Chile Rellenos Dish Made Easy




Looking for something awesome for dinner tonight?  Here's A Tasty Chile Rellenos Dish Made Easy

This is a deliciously tasty baked casserole that will give you the flavors of Chiles Rellenos without having to fry individual stuffed and battered chiles. It's brimming with flavor….yummy!


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14 thoughts on “Here’s A Tasty Chile Rellenos Dish Made Easy

  1. It looks delish and I can’t wait to try it but instead of canned chilies, I’m going to spend a few extra minutes to roast some poblano peppers and use those.

  2. Haven’t made this in years! It is easy, delicious and you cannot miss by making this. Got my copy of the recipe from my dearest friend Betty McLaughlin of Santee CA

  3. I saw where someone asked if you could add meat to this while I think you could we like to serve this with pork green chili and let me tell you when we make this there are no leftovers the green chili really brings out the flavores of this wonderful dish happy eating all

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